Ultimate Guide to Waist Length Hair

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Waist Length Natural Hair

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As a busy mom of two beautiful daughters with different hair textures, I KNOW the struggle of trying to develop a hair care regimen for each of their specific hair care needs. A regimen that will not only keep it moisturized but also grow it long. 

With so many products to choose from, and so many "gurus" recommending this product and that product, it's no wonder why it is so hard to make a choice and stay consistent. 

Every time you look up, there's some new product that promises the moon and stars! 

On top of that, we have to constantly battle with the stigma that our hair can't grow long. 

Or that the only reason it does is because we're mixed or have some rare super hair growth gene passed down from our ancestors. 

Well, there is hope! You CAN grow your child's hair long and healthy and I'm not going to try to sell you some magical growth oil in order to do it! 

To grow long hair, what you DO is just as important as what you USE! It is also about trusting the process, staying consistent and being patient. 

It takes WORK, and if you are not commited to staying consistent and do not want to invest in properly caring for your child's hair, then this isn't for you. 

There are so many factors that contribute to growing healthy hair that it can be so confusing to stay on top of it all! Trust me, the struggle is REAL! 

Luckily, I have a hair growth regimen that will kickstart your child's hair growth. (And, it’s not as hard as you think!) 

I've created The Ultimate Guide To Growing Waist Length Hair that will guide you step-by-step through the process of growing healthy, well moisturized, natural hair...even if you're a beginner!

This guide is what I WISHED someone would have given me 10 years ago as a new mom back when the natural hair movement was in its infancy. 

This guide isn't just about what's worked for me, it also contains interviews, expert advice and regimens from moms who have grown their childs hair to their waist and the process and products that they used to achieve waist length hair. 



When my oldest daughter was born I was absolutely clueless as to how to care for her hair. Her hair texture wasn't the same as mine, and I didn't want to use harmful products on her delicate strands. I did the very best I could with what little hair she had, and tried my hardest to style it into cute ponytails and what not, but it didn't always come out right. 

THEN, to make matters worse, her hair completely fell out in the back leaving a smoothe bald spot or "thought bubble" as my sister so lovingly called it! LOL I felt defeated and embarrassed. 

It wasn't until I really committed to her hair care journey that her hair really began to thrive. I found products that worked for her hair and stuck with them. No more running out to buy the latest fad. I also purchased quality tools that were gentle on her strands and protected them against the elements. I remained patient, and kept track of what was working and not working and logged it in a journal. 

When my youngest daughter was born 6 years later, I was able to refer back to that hair log that I kept for my oldest and use it as a blueprint and customize it to my baby girl's needs. 

As a result, she didn't lose any of her hair, it stayed moisturized, and just kept growing. 

Her hair thrived immediately, mainly because I was armed with a blueprint right from the beginning. The same blueprint that I want to arm you with!  

Today, my youngest daughter's hair is about 3 inches shy of her waist when stretched out. It retains moisture for days on end, and her hairstyles also last because I protect her hair at night while she sleeps. (Reclaiming my time during the morning rush! #winning) I could not have done any of this without having a plan, being consistent and having patience. 


Here are a few tips from the moms that we interviewed. Download the e-book NOW to read their full interviews!

"I trim her ends once every 3 months. " - @brvndelyn

"I make sure that I braid her hair every night and always sleep with a satin bonnet." - @g_ah_libra

"I use the Loc Method daily as part of her hair regimen. She sleeps in her bonnet at night. It’s crucial to keeping her hair protected." - @iheartavajewel

"Too much heat styling makes the hair very weak and prone to breakage. Minimizing heat styling or using heat protectant during styling is advised." - @myckles


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  • An easy to follow, step-by-step hair care regimen that promotes healthy, moisturized hair and maximizes hair growth!  
  • Interviews with expert moms who have shared their secrets on how they grew their child’s hair to waist length! 
  • Product recommendations  
  • Daily Moisturizing Spray Recipe 
  • Protective hairstyles that maximize hair growth  
  • Thorough explanation of the L.O.C. Method to keep hair moisturized for days 
  • A list of foods that promote hair growth 
  • Recommended hair tools and accessories to minimize damage and breakage 
  • Advice on how to protect hair overnight